Building good habits is a proven way to
be productive, motivated and achieve your goals

Habi gives you the nudge to get started

We've all heard about the effectiveness of making a list and striving to achieve each task. By setting up a stack of habits for your morning, midday or evening you're taking the first step to building lasting change.

Small recurring tasks

A habit stack is a group of small recurring tasks. A task can be a simple one like "Practice gratitude" or a tough one like some "Burpees". Habi was built to make it easy for you to create and complete these habits everyday.

Stay the course

Making it easy to create a morning habit stack is one thing, but we also help you stick to habits by teaching you the science behind building them, giving you timely reminders, tracking stats, and staying on mission with Streaks.

The guide to forming habits

Habi was built on the shoulders of the world's habit-stacking gurus, from Steve Scott to Charles Duhigg. We've taken the best advice available, built it into our app and created a welcome guide to get you on your way to achieving your goals.

Take on the world

In life, the small things can mean big. Having a great morning routine, which might only take a few minutes, can be the difference between being on the back foot all day or acing it at the office. Ready to choose?

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